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Manzar Naqvi's Metro Matters 17-07-2017

Onart pays tributes to martyrs of 2016 failed coup attempt 

Very loving, busiest, and popular Turkish Consul General Murat Mustafa Onart who is completing soon record tenure of 6th years of his services at Karachi, had arranged a Press conference during the reported week at his residence to highlight the failed coup attempt last year on July 15th, 2016 with unity of Turkish nation.
He said they are celebrating the first anniversary of the heinous coup attempt. That night, the Turkish nation prevented elements of the Fetullah terrorist organization (FETO) that infiltrated in many state organs - including the armed forces - to finalise their abject attempt.
Onart paid tributes to those 253 citizens who lost their lives and thousands of those who were wounded. This is the worst terror attack that the Republic of Turkey had ever to face, he added.

He said that night the Turkish nation faced the putschists as one. That night the Turkish nation stood before tanks. That night the Turkish nation protected the state institution with their bare hands. That night the Turkish nation proved that it would not allow any undemocratic adventure and that the future of the country would be determined through national will and not by the whim of the armed terrorist groups.

JETRO and FBR Seminar 

The Consulate General of Japan in Karachi with Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) Karachi Office and Federal Bureau of Revenue (FBR) had co-hosted a seminar of the "Analyzing the major amendments in income and sales taxes taken in Finance Act 2017" during the week to deliver a briefing to Japanese companies based in Pakistan about the new income and sales taxation for the new fiscal year.
The seminar comprised briefing sessions by JETRO and FBR from the view point to support Japanese companies to run their businesses well in Pakistan under the new financial act. It offered a good opportunity to participants, including representatives from many of Japanese companies engaged in businesses across Pakistan, which provides useful information to consider further coordination or development of their business solution. 
Consul General of Japan at Karachi Toshikazu Isomura in his speech at the opening session said: "I believe this seminar would be a milestone to enhance and strengthen cooperation between our office and Japanese companies, and also develop relationship between Japan and Pakistan based on economic ties and commercial activities." He also highlighted the significance of the seminar. 

Vivo introduces a new series of smartphones

The Vivo mobile company introduced a new series of smartphones for Pakistani users in a colorful ceremony during the week. Vivo is a global company that specializes in mobile internet products and services. It serves a wide range of market including China, India, Southeast Asia such as Indonesia, Malaysia, etc. Vivo's success benefits from Vivo's mission, corporate culture and exclusive channel advantages. 
Speaking at the launching ceremony, CEO Mason Gao said that mobile industry in Pakistan is a major boost. Now new technology is available in Pakistan at the same time in the developed countries. The Pakistani market is quite broad. Apart from this, Assistant CEO Faisal Memon  also addressed the function. During the colourful fashion show, beautiful models presented CatWalk introducing the smartphones. 

Samir receives Youth Empowerment Award

Samir Mir Shaikh, Secretary of Press & Public Relations United Nations Pakistan, Justice of Peace Govt of Sindh received an award for his services towards youth empowerment from Governor Sindh Mohammad Zubair Umar at the Governor House on the occasion of Youth Parliament oath ceremony held there during the week.
Addressing the Youth Parliament members on this occasion, Samir Shaikh said that as a nation we are one of the very few to be blessed with a young demographic and as youth we have the responsibility not only to serve our nation with our best abilities, but also to  take it towards greater growth. He reiterated the importance of a united outlook, continued education and said that the greatest change comes from within us and our communities. 

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