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   A subsidiary of Data Research & Communication
  111-C, Jami Commercial, Phase VII, D.H.A. Karachi.
     Tel: (+92)-(021)-35388428; Fax: (+92)-(021)-35388427;
  Mob#: (+92)-302-969-9892

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  1. Dear Sir,
    Kindly find my response to the sindh government's misstating the audit report against me (I have also attached press note of my press conference). Your pages carried one-sided story based on vendetta by bureaucracy of the CM house. Almost every newspaper, channel and online news site has covered the actual facts as well.
    Please talk to me as it's important for a credible newspaper like Dawn to cover give proper space to both the parties.

    I can be reached at 03005552646. Meantime find the press release and my

    Look forward to talking to you

    Sahar Gul;Twitter @sahargb; FB: Sahargb;


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