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Imran sees PM Nawaz in Adiala Jail in near future

NATHIAGALI: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chief Imran Khan on Friday said that nobody had ever imagined that 'Sharif family' would be held accountable and that he sees the premier in Adiala Jail in the near future.
Khan addressed a press conference in Nathiagali and criticised the ruling political party for its alleged corruption and reiterated his accusation of being offered Rs 10 million bribe by Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) to not push for probe of Panama Leaks against premier's family.
In his briefing to the media, Khan branded the stand of the opposition against PML-N a 'decisive battle'. He rhetorically asked if the 'thieves' were to hold themselves accountable.
Corruption mafia relies upon bribes and threats to get what they want, he said adding that money worth Rs 10 billion is laundered out of Pakistani accounts every year.
'Sharif family' purchased palaces abroad, registered under children's names after robbing Pakistan off its funds, he accused. Khan said that the  family being probed for corruption asks what their crime is. Corruption and money laundering is your crime, he said.
PTI Chief said that Finance Minister Ishaq Dar laid it bare that Saeed Ahmed helped Nawaz Sharif launder the money.
Nobody had ever imagined that the family of PM Nawaz would be held accountable and probe, Khan said adding that Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif dons a 'Panama hat' and a 'mafia suit' and appears before the camera.
Khan said that he had been waiting for a long time for this and 'it is going to be a fantastic match'.
PTI Chairman accused CM Shahbaz of using the law to his benefit. Khan said that he is waiting for Shahbaz to take him to court in the suit as he would expose all the alleged wrongdoings he has committed. 
PTI chairman said that the Sharif family presented before the Joint Investigation Team (JIT) to be held answerable and not ask questions. "Nobody would have imagined that the Sharif family would be held accountable."
"We are not doing politics, but rather struggling against the godfather of the mafia," he said adding the looks after their appearance gives an insight into what might have took place.
Imran Khan said that Nawaz Sharif was not use to fair play and neutral umpires. "Even when he played cricket, and was out, the umpire would declare a no-ball." He said the plan of the Sharif brothers was clear, and volumes can be written on their corruption, and even the Panama Papers have the details on the Sharif family.
Khan said Nawaz Sharif would score 50 or 60 runs only after choosing his own umpire and having four to five turns in an innings. The PTI leader said some of the people who played with Nawaz Sharif can confirm his claim.
He said the Nawaz Sharif has himself involved his children in the case, and was implying that this was a conspiracy against them. "The true story of the Sharif brothers is now coming to light," he said.
He hoped that the JIT would state that the true beneficial owner of the Sharif family's London flats is Maryam Nawaz. "If Maryam Nawaz is proven to be the actual owner, then the case is closed." He said even the Supreme Court said that they have ruined all state institutions. "Since they do not have any answers then they make excuses outside the JIT."
He said that the Qatari prince was also not coming to the Sharifs' rescue this time. "He comes here to hunt but he's not coming here to bail out the Sharifs this time," said Imran. The PTI chief said that in the movement for change, women and children were actively involved. He said that Pakistan was currently involved in a decisive war against corruption.
Responding to a question, Imran Khan said that he saw Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif in Adiala Jail.
"Whatever is happening in JIT could easily be determined though the facial expressions of members of Shairf family when they come out after appearing before the JIT," he said.
"We are not doing politics, we are waging Jihad against a mafia. I can see Nawaz Sharif will land in Adiala Jail". - NNI

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